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Friendship and Flowers Visiting Program

Friendship and Flowers Volunteers spend time with isolated elders that live inside their own home or assisted living facilities. This visiting service reduces the social isolation faced by older homebound adults, promotes inter-generational friendships, and honors the legacy of our elders.


Thanks to the support and donated flowers from Bloom Again Bklyn we have an opportunity to make social visits and the lives of our elderly neighbors with flowers the 3rd Saturday of every month

Holiday Gift Basket Program

Our Holiday Gift basket deliveries and in-home holiday visits bring joy to our elderly friends during these special holidays

  1. Easter
  2. Mother’s Day
  3. Thanksgiving
  4. Christmas


During these special holidays volunteers visit and deliver beautiful gift bags or baskets with flowers to socially isolated elders in their home. During those short friendly visits volunteers cheer our elderly friends up and show them that they are seen, remembered and cared for.

Birthday Visiting Program


One of the nicest things we can do is remembering our older friend’s birthday, celebrating who they are and honoring their legacy in their latter years.

We need volunteers to visit, share a cake and bring gifts and flowers to an elderly friend on their birthday. This is a commitment on that day of approximately 1–2 hours and is a lot of fun. We supply the cake, birthday card, gifts, flowers and you supply the friendship.

Friendly Visitor Program

Our Friendly Visitor Program provides friendship and social support for lonely, isolated elderly people age 70 or older. Volunteers are matched with one of our elderly friends to build a friendship that we hope will last a lifetime.


Our Forever Friends receive visits by friendly visitors twice a month. Friendly visitors help out with many small but important things our elderly friends need and provide companionship found in any meaningful friendship.
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