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Want to refer an Elder?

Do you know of any elderly New Yorkers living alone? Is there a homebound elder in your building who never has any visitors? Do you see the same elderly person sitting in the park every week with no one to talk to ?

To become one of our elders, one must simply be a New York resident,
70 or more years of age, with limited social contacts and with few nearby family members.

We currently serve English-speaking elders. For other languages spoken we need to assess on a case-by-case basis the current availability of our bilingual volunteers.

If you know of an isolated senior who would benefit from our services, or if you are an elder in the population we serve, please call Little Brothers NYC at (718) 395-5722 or email your inquiry at:

We will follow up with you to gather more information. If an elder is a good fit for our programs, we will meet face to face with the elder to ensure that he or she is eligible and wishes to participate.

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